Silence is Golden

Silence is golden unless you have children and if you have children and silence you have a problem. Silence and a child does not mean they are sleeping unless you have wrestled them to bed yourself. Silence and children can only mean trouble, and they are in it up to their itty bitty eye balls.

I first learned this as a child myself being responsible for my younger sister who was often wondering off and getting herself and by extension me into trouble. Crawling onto the washing machine and swallowing the final few drops of bleach in the bottom of the bottle. Or the time at the end of a hot summer day I had delegated her care and feeding to my other sister who was irresponsible. Unfortunately, when it got quiet my father had to go look for her and I got beat for not keeping an eye on her.

You would think as a mother I would learn that lesson and take it  to my grave, but I need to confess that indeed I did not learn that lesson in fact  my own daughter played in makeup, gave the dog a bubble bath, and painted a fresco on the hallway wall. Always when there wasn’t a peep to be heard not a sound. She was deeply concentrating on her felonious moments surely, was not trying to get caught, but she was also, trying to do something to a level of perfection.

As a Grandmother, speaking as a grandmother I can now say with some expertise that even my grandchildren can’t be trusted when it is quiet. The two of them are rarely quiet the love they have for each other oozes out of them in giggles onto the floor and the two roll around in it. It takes considerable concentration to garner anything resembling quiet unless they are plotting tomfoolery or are executing the same.

 It’s different being a grandmother. It’s easier to join in on the tomfoolery than to admonish it. It’s easier to make those memories than it is to scold. So what if my granddaughter is wearing half a bottle of Channel No.7.  There is a realization that I won’t always be here for her and what do I want her to know about me when she is older that I loved my Channel or that I loved her. I realize that my grandchildren need to learn so many things like boundaries and respect and charity and kindness. But beyond all things I want them to know they are loved. So parents stop the quiet and teach them all they need to know and grandparents enjoy the quiet.

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